Friday, January 21, 2011

Cleaned the entire aquarium.

I was having problems with the filter suction pulling in my smallest jellie so I redid some things. the gravel and glass beads were mixed up really well so I spend 2 hours sorting those out. The jellyfish were in a batch of new salt water in a clear storage bin. I siphoned out all kind of dirt and debris. Did a 75% water change as well. Cracked open a a pack of new gravel and loaded that in. Replaced the colorful marbles afterwards. That really helped the system's load. Introduced the jellies back in (forgot to acclimate ooopss :s, they were fine). They seemed to like it. I think they realized I cleaned out all their microscopic babies because the males release spermazoa immediatly upon re-introduction. Everything seems okay.
Lately I've noticed the level of stress I get when handling these jellies. No matter what improvements I do I always seem to find something to freak out about. for example- the glass marbles aren't exactly flat on the bottom of the tank-. Im worried the jellies will bump into some uneven gravel and hurt themselves.


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