Thursday, January 13, 2011

Got my Jellies!

I just got my Moon Jellyfish late last night. I purchased them from Jellyfish Art ( over the weekend. they were shipped out monday and were supposed to get here on tuesday. However the weather was was Terrible. I got them wednesday night, in a freezing box. They are warm water jellyfish by the way so the freezing water was highly inappropriate. I opened the bag and found three floating, motionless jellyfish. I figured a species like this with no respiratory system, no brain etc, would be the kind that almost revives under the correct circumstances. I acclimated my jellies for an hour and a half. first one then another started to pulse, or bell. I added them all to the tank and they reacted immediately with happy, quick, and smooth movement. they were even more hyperactive the next morning. they move almost constantly around the tank. Then occasionally the flatten out and drift for a minute, as if trying to capture any food brazing by.
I bough these guys with a new package, called the "beginners package" this comes with three moon jellyfish and a 6 month supply of food. You can also add any a
ccessory to the bundle with no extra shipping cost. I am very appalled at my three little jellies. I showed them to several people, all stunned wordless. I find it very unique that I have three jellyfish.
One of the coolest features, and accessories that I added to the tank was a programable remote control LED light. This illuminates the clear jellyfish. Blue and white lighting are my favorites. The blue makes them look like they are still in the ocean, and is relaxing as a light for night time affairs. The white light is bright and allows detail to be clear amongst these jellyfish.


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