Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm building a Polyp and Ephyra tank. That way I can attempt at raising new moon jellyfish, if they breed in my tank. Its in its prototypical stages at the moment. I've build it kind of backwards compared to other versions. On the far right is the pump and filter chamber. Moving left is this polyp colony chamber. At the far left is the Ephyra, and grow out chamber. This design has its downs and its ups. the polyps could move into the filter chamber through the holes drilled into the wall. in that case, however they wont likely produce Ephyra. the advantages are that there is no need for a spray bar in the Ephyra chamber. this is because there is only a small hole leading from the polyp chamber to the Ephyra chamber.
I've built the tank up to the plumbing part. Im working on that now and it will be done soon. After I gather some more funds I will be making a kreisel tank, out of entirely 1/4 inch acrylic.


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