Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Food

My littlest jellyfish hasn't been eating well lately. That could cause him to shrink until basically nothing. So I set out to find a food it will eat well and like. First I though maybe the frozen food was too big for him. I swished it in and out of a pipet until it was naplii liquid. I fed that but its didn't work and he ate less. I assume it kinda just diluted in front of him. So today I made a totally new recipe. I took a piece of frozen shrimp ad thawed it out. I pulverized it into a jello consistency. Then I added a little frozen food and dumped that in some tank water. The main large chunks sank to the bottom leaving a viscous shrimp/frozen food liquid. That got separated and put into a bowl. I added a lot of frozen food and more water. I was left with a still-semi-viscous-liquid. This was rich in shrimp based nutrients plus all the small foods in the frozen food. After testing it out I concluded it was a success! They ate it very nicely, and all of them seemed to get more food this time. I cant quite explain it but it definitely helped.


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