Saturday, February 12, 2011

Future jellyfish projects.

I plan to bring in a few new species of jellyfish. Im not quite sure which ones yet. I don't want any jellyfish that requires a chiller. I cant afford a chiller ($600 +) and they are big noisy and bulky. So I will stick with warm water species. My current nominees are the following, Upside down jellyfish, Lagoon jellyfish, Or the black sea nettle. The black sea nettle is my favorite option so far but it will take a ton of work to set up a proper system. Its temp. range is 59-77 degrees Fahrenheit. (room temp. water is generally 68 degrees F) This means that a heater wouldn't be needed burt neither would a chiller. So thats excellent! But it has some other problems.
First off those things get huge, larger than divers sometimes. But thats assuming it has an infinite amount of food and a tank the size of an ocean. So i would just have to build a kreisel aquarium to suit it. I planned to build one anyways.
The second problem is its diet. It needs moon jellyfish in its diet, of which at the moment I cannot provide. However I should be able to obtain some moon jellyfish polyps soon, and I have that polyp and Ephyra tank. So really it would just take time to set up a system for that jellyfish.
I would love to set up a tank with upside down jellyfish and lagoon jellies (they can live together) but I cant find lagoon jellyfish available to the public anywhere. So I may set up a small tank for just upside downs. It all depends on my funding and whether or not I do that nettle tank.


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