Sunday, February 27, 2011


My polyps don't seem to grow well. I found one polyp that had exceeded others in growth and then it just fell apart the other day. I left him in the tank, hanging upside down where he had started. but for some reason he is now dead. I'm not quite sure why this happened but I hope I can figure out why my polyps don't last. My tank is getting kind of disgusting and I need to clean it but I'm afraid I will wipe out some polyps. So I think what I will do is,
  • Move the jellies into another container for a while
  • Clean and siphon all the debris out of the rocks and on the walls of the aquarium
  • Add more clean salt water to the tank.
I feel that if I clean the aquarium I will remove most of the fouling organisms and materials from the tank. Then the jellyfish can breed some more and hopefully I will get healthy polyps. However I cant decide whether I should move the gravel and marbles out of the tank and bleach them or just change the water.


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