Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jellyfish injury ; torn bits of pulsing jelly!

So I was siphoning water out of my aquarium to clean up fouling debris at the bottom. Then my smallest jelly popped out of no where and got stuck to the siphon tube. I freaked out and tried to jerk it off, which was a terrible idea. I was left with a jelly torn up, and pulsing slowly. I looked in the siphon bucket and found another piece of him pulsing. It was truly terrible and disgusting. So I set up a quarantine tank. I examined both carefully. The biggest chunk of jelly was missing all of his oral arms which is fatally dangerous. He also was reduce to one stomach. (moon jellies have four). The smaller piece had three stomachs but they fell off later. So I added copious amounts of stress zyme to the tank and turned on the heater. The bigger jelly progressed and the smaller one went down hill, eventually to the point where I flushed him down the sink. Feeding was very complicated. I have to put both pieces in a petri dish with clean saltwater. I then added thawed out food and let them soak. It worked reasonably well, but its no substitute to the jellyfish's original method of eating. So I put him back in the main tank and hopped for the best.


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