Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back to the start....

I came back to my jellyfish this weekend after being gone at someone elses house. I found both of my final jellyfish dead. I believe the problem was that the brine shrimp all died and went bad, but still ended up being fed to my jellies.
So I will clean out the tank tomarrow, and restart it. I only have a snail left alive so I may buy some hermit crabs and snails with a new order of jellyfish.
Im at a point where I could go and do anything I wanted. I could get upside down jellyfish and lagoon jellies, or get coldwater moons but I think im just going to start back where i came from. I will buy three warm water moon jellyfish.
Overall Im not that upset that my jellyfish died. After all in Chad Widmers book he says that raising jellyfish is not easy and failure will happen. thats extremely true. I'm ready to try again, this time should be a success since I have learned so much about raising live jellyfish.


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