Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heat problems

So I came to check on my jellyfish yesterday afternoon and noticed one was stuck under a rock. this should happen but I thought it was just a coincidence. So I used my hand to kinda blow him with water, and get him out. he got out looking a bit frayed here and there. I was pleased with his condition and went out to dinner. I came back and he was stuck again so I freed him and went to bed. the next day (today) I found him way under the marbles and knew something was up. So I turned off the pump and retrieved him.
He was torn a little and frayed up more. He had the whole screwed up umbrella look so I checked Chad Widmers book to see what the problem was. Heat shock was on the list and I decided to check the temp which was a scary 65 degrees F. So I turned up the heat and nothing happened. Then I turned it up to like 130 degrees and still no heat change. It was then that I realized the heater was unplugged! Leave it up to me to make a stupid mistake.
Its humorous that he looks like a clear lions maine jelly now. So marine stress coat, food, and time should wrap this up


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