Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hopefully off to a good start.

Took all the gravel out and basically did a gravel jostle and water change. gravel looks a little better. At first I though I was going to be writing about a deceased jellyfish because the little one got burried under some gravel last night. I found him mid way during the gravel change. I find this terribly cruel, yet humorous. He must have been in a bad position all night or something because he is now square instead of round. I guess he got a species change to "box jellyfish" ahaha.
Anyways I think this little guy is on the road to recovery. He ate some today because I soaked him in a beaker with lots of food. He didn't physically eat that much maybe a larger copepod or two but I'm sure the whole swimming in food gave him some good nutrients. And I dumped so brine shrimp cysts into a hatchery and they should be ready around friday, maybe thursday. he really likes those since they are small enough to consume so hopefully I can grow him back to health on a steady diet of that.
I found a nifty little trick to keeping him in the safe confines of the tank while still being safe from suction intake. I sunk a beaker in the tank and let it rest at the bottom. The I scooped the jellyfish up and set him into the beaker, underwater. Looks a little strange with a random beaker sitting at the bottom of the tank but I think this will help significantly. Plus the bigger jelly has no problem with it, he just pulses by, and never sinks into the beaker.


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