Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have both jellyfish again.

Luckily I have found both of my jellyfish. One is living in a plastic wrapped beaker. The other is living in a large glass cup since I don't have any more beakers big enough to make him happy. They have both been enjoying a diet of live brine shrimp. It really seems to help with healing and energy regain rate. Both are totally healthy besides the fact that they are tiny.
I ordered some decapsulated brine shrimp and some selcon food enrichment as well. hopefully this will ensure they grow to a good healthy size quickly.
Right now the tank itself isn't very good looking. the gravel is mixed up with the glass pebbles. the gravel, beads are very flat either. But that doesn't matter right now with the jellies living in glass homes.
This looks like it will turn out better than the last jellyfish crisis I had.


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