Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jellyfish arts new tank.

So jellyfish art has revealed their new tank at the Global Pet Expo. It looks really good but I cant decide whether or not I want to buy it. It looks like the cost will be pretty hefty. Plus its only seven gallons, compared to the 9 gallon desktop tank. and even further is the fact that its a stand alone tank. I was really hoping I could add a UV sterilizer and a few other personalized accessories.
If I do get it then I will put my two moon jellyfish in the new tank. I will then edit the desktop tank I have right now and put in full spectra lighting. Im hoping to set up a tank with upside down jellyfish and spotted lagoon jellyfish.
In a dreamy perspective I would like to get a mini jelliquarium and go with the above plan just swapping the jelliquarium with the new jellyfish art tank. That way I could add the UV sterilizer to the jelliquarium.
If your wondering why I really want to add a UV sterilizer it is because of the small organisms Im having trouble with. They are supposed to help keep the tank clean but I think they are ruining the situation from my perspective. They killed most of my polyps and then my jellyfish of the opposite sex died, leaving me polyp-less. From a breeder and experimenters perspective these little nuisances are a problem. They might be good in a situation where a tank owner simply wants to enjoy the jellyfish from an aesthetics view.