Thursday, March 31, 2011

New jellyfish

I bought three new small moon jellyfish. They were supposed to get here today but FedEx forgot to pick the order up from jellyfish art. So I will have to wait until tuesday to get my jellies. Oh well no problem, they will get here when they do. It also gives my tank more time to get ready.
So on wednesday I dumped out all the water. I cleaned the filter, gravel media, and the glass pebbles. After nuking the tank with freshwater, I added distilled water and conditioned it with stress coat and an ounce of cycle. All I have left live in the tank is a snail and a feather duster worm stuck the the shell of a deceased hermit crab.
I will have a new update on tuesday with pictures and the names of these three new jellies. anyways, Im out till then.

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