Monday, March 21, 2011

Progress, finally!

Finally there is a positive streak in my jellyfish keeping. I got my decapsulated brine shrimp eggs and some Selcon enrichment. They really like brine shrimp and its keeping them much fuller than that frozen food that jellyfish art sells. I don't mean to make them look bad but that frozen food was terrible. They never ate much of it. The particle size was huge too. Its no wonder they didn't like it. Plus I found a nifty piece of evidence that makes me never want to use that stuff again. In the book "how to keep jellyfish in aquariums" by chad widmer, it says that red copepods are detrimental to jellyfish growth and proper health. Thats exactly what jellyfish art's frozen food is made of!
Anyways the live food is much nicer. My jellyfish shrunk a whole inch of their diameter, trying to live off frozen food. They have finally stopped shrinking and hopefully they are on the road to growing again.

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  1. How difficult is it using live food? I've had my jellies from for two days and one has a hole in the bell (commented on your other post as well) and I'm constantly worrying about them and if they are getting enough food/are they healthy/do they brush up against some random gravel that the glass beads didn't cover.... should i not use the frozen food by jellyfishart? (