Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So I cleaned the aquarium...

I cleaned the aquarium today. Took the jellyfish out to prevent a further loss (see post below about jellyfish death). Siphoned the aquarium. Man jellyfish "excrement" and uneaten food just kept coming. And it was in the water everywhere too. A big thing i did was change the filter cartridge. On these aquariums your supposed to change the filter cartridge every six weeks. they cost like $16.00 which I thought was ridiculous. So I dissected the filter and examined its contents. a sponge/ media pad. I washed that out really well. Under that is some carbon and small rock media. So I just dumped all of that out and replaced it with well rinsed activated charcoal from the pet store. I'm sure that will one up the filter. I'm hoping more polyps will show up again.
Although I've had a scary thought come to mind. I'm wondering if the jellyfish that died was of the opposite sex needed for jellyfish reproduction. I really hope not, but its very possible.
On another note I should be getting some jellyfish polyps from jellyfish art within a month. so I can just start my own culture instead of relying on my jellies. I'm gonna build a new polyp/ephyra tank because Im not happy with the one I have now. I'm thinking I will take two large Tupperware storage bins and use them as aquariums. They are plastic which makes drilling much easier. The design is pretty simple. One container sits on the other. The top will be the ephyra and grow out space. The bottom will be split in half. One side will be the main polyp colony. the other will be filtration. A mesh screen in the center of the container will do the job. Water will exit the top container through one side, which will be screened off. Water will come back through a spray bar.


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