Sunday, March 13, 2011

Updates Updates!

Well things havent been going well, not sure why bad luck is stuck to me. The jelly escaped the beaker and got sucked up under some gravel. I had to move gravel around again to find him. I found him again, alive luckily. so this time i put in a beaker and sunk it, but it had plastic wrap rubber banded over it with small holes punched in to it. Left for a party on saturday and when I came back the bigger jellyfish was missing. No clue why he is gone. My recent suspicion is that he got stuck under the beaker and either died or sunk below the gravel level.
Tank isn't looking good. Small worms and disgusting little organisms in the gravel level. Im going to buy a large amount of distilled water and remove all the gravel and glass beads, find the jelly then dump the dirty water out. I will cycle the tank again with some nutrafin cycle and inoculate the tank with some live gravel to jump start the tank. hopefully this will help. but I may wait and see what happens first. human contact could be my biggest problem.
Im definitely switching diet plans for my jellyfish. I've been feeding them frozen food from jellyfish art, but they like live brine shrimp a lot better it seems. So I've been feeding the injured ones artemia nauplii (baby brine shrimp) I've had to separate the shells by hand. I'm going to buy some decapsulated hatching eggs of the internet and use those for a while. I just don't see how i can sustain a constant supply of live food.

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  1. If only there was a way to attach a chiller to the Jellyfish Art tank... I've brainstormed for hours but couldn't come up with a way to attach one without affecting flow. If you can come up with a way, the cool works micro chiller works on tanks up to 10 gallons and is $100. It will only lower the temp 5-6 degrees, but it may have a difference.