Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bad news of course...

S today after arriving home from school I noticed my jellyfish weren't in fantastic shape. the healthiest one was glazing about the tank with a nice sized hole, all the way through his bell. It was quite disgusting. There are bubbles in the hole cavity as well, which I will need to remove. the second jellyfish was still pretty inverted, not sure how he will do. He kinda flaps around the tank. The third jellyfish was a sight to see. He looks like I took him, threw him in a bag and beat him on various objects amongst my room. I, of course, did not take place in such actions, but you get my point.
I called up Alex Adon, of jellyfish Art for some advice. He said the holes were do to lesser flow than necessary so I boosted the flow a little. The holes should be no big problem but the highly inverted, wreck ball, of jello is pretty much on death row. however, I have had three jellyfish live to see several more months after being declared done in by Jellyfish Art.
So I will try and get this under control and see how they do.

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  1. These are all signs of no acclimation. Acclimate next time for better results!!!