Sunday, May 1, 2011

Excellent news

So I had to test out my jellyfish auto feeding technique. I had to leave my jellyfish for a week so I told my mother to drop a scoop of brine shrimp eggs in the tank every two days. Well it worked extremely well. all three jellyfish are doing better than normal. They are thicker and healthier than I've ever seen them to be. their stinging tentacles are very long as they should be. and their oral arms are looking good and healthy as well.
The jellyfish who burnt his tentacles off is doing very good. He grew one very long tentacle back already. Its abnormally long, which probably has something to do with cell trauma from the injury. The rest of his arms are growing back, just slower.
I also noticed that growing the brine shrimp in the tank adds the bonus of clean tank walls. these little shrimps are always scrubbing at the walls, plus they are much less polluting to the tank than frozen food is.
I have to say Im very happy with the current situation.


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