Sunday, May 22, 2011

Polyp update

So the polyps are growing pretty well. There are a few patches of colonial polyps at the bottom of the tank in the substrate layer. There are also stand alone polyps growing on the tank walls. These polyps are growing fasted since they have more room to grow. however the have unique problem. segmented worms are eating their stems off. So most of the polyps are sticking to the walls by their tentacles.
Before today I had no clue polyps could swim. I accidentally jostled a loose polyps and it freaked out and started pulsing around the tank then stuck itself to the tank wall. I was pretty impressed and I managed to get a fuzzy video clip of it swimming and then landing. I might post that up here soon.
So anyways, I will probably culture some polyps in culture dishes or set up a small 1.5 gallon tank for them to grow in. I don't think I will get the polyps in the separate tank to produce ephyra. thats just too unpredictable. I will likely work with cultures for that matter.


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