Monday, May 16, 2011


Finally got some polyps. They just suddenly appeared in the tanks. there are several patches of them hanging to the glass marbles of the tank substrate. They seem to be new, and young. They are already budding off new polyps though and they shouldquickly take over the bottom of the tank. Im very happy about that because I have lots of segmented worms I want to get rid of.
I took a small pebble with polyps on it and put in a culture tube, making sure to eradicate all parasites and worms. This tube was capped and n
ow bobs around in the tank. This is basically my back up polyps in case something happens to the rest. If they grow well in the tube I will move them to a culture dish and grow them out, then cause them to strobilate at some point.
On other news, my jellyfish aren't doing to well. the injured one looks very lively and his oral arms are growing back already. he lost his gonads, unfortunately. Maybe he can grow those back, however I doubt it. anyways the other two are acting pretty sickly. Surprisingly I think its the medicine thats causing them to get sick. Iuse marine stress coat with aloe vera to repair fish tissues. Well it works but I think it adds to much slime coating to healthy jellies. They get sick because the literally stick to everything.
So im going to stop treating the whole tank with it ad just soak the injured jellies in a dose when they get hurt, so the healthy ones don't die b/cof it.

pictures of my new polyps ----


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