Sunday, May 15, 2011


my jellyfish are sick right now. One of them burned a hole right through his bell, and burned his oral arms off. He was in critical condition for a while and now he's getting better. However one of the other jellyfish just dipped in health. No reason why but he sits on the bottom rotting up his bell.


  1. Found your blog through google. One of my jellies has a hole through it's bell as well. How did you remedy this?? Appreciate any thoughts, my email is

  2. yes mine did the same thing HOW DO I SAVE MY JELLYFISH?!?!? EMAIL ME ASAP at

  3. mine as well =( little buddy keeps getting sucked into the slits at the top of the air tube of my jellyfish tank. came back from class to find him stuck, released him, and noticed his oral arms were torn off and has a rip in its bell. im trying to feed him and the food doesn't appear to be going in his stomach cause he has has no oral arms from what i can see, any suggestions??

    1. Aww poor jelly. Luckily, jellyfish often grow their oral arms back. Smaller jellyfish have am issue with this, as they don't have as much body mass so they cant grow as fast. Hopefully it will grow back fine.