Monday, June 27, 2011

At some point....

One day and at some point in time I would love to have tanks with the sea nettle trio. That is the -- black sea nettle, pacific sea nettle, and purple stripe jelly--. These are three great jellyfish and they are also jellyfish giants. The black sea nettle can get absolutely huge! And the pacific sea nettle and purple striped jellyfish get reasonably big a well.
     I dont plan to get these jellyfish anytime soon but perhaps one day I can have all three. They cant live together. At least, the pacific sea nettles have to live in separate tanks or they will die.

Here are some pictures. In order, black sea nettle pacific sea nettle, and purple striped jelly.

Strangely, the black sea nettle is an orange-red color when its young. It develops its maroon burgundy color as it ages. I like this color best however its younger tint is appealing as well. The same goes for the purple striped jellyfish. Its a pinkish hue all over with red-pink stripes, when younger. Some purple striped jellyfish don't even develop stripes! I like the thicker color shown here but the pink is still appealing. here is a photo of a young black sea nettle and a young purple striped jelly, in that order.

The black sea nettles and purple striped jellyfish are pretty rare, and the pacific sea nettles are usually pretty easy to obtain. But again its just a dream I have. And I'd love to see it come true. 


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