Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cannon ball jellyfish, Upside down jellyfish, and ephyra updates

So I was at the beach from thursday to sunday. Of course I went jellyfishing most of the time. I did catch one cannonball jellyfish but he was ill and departed that night. I brought back a ton of sea weeds and lush sea plants. There were shrimps crabs, hermit crabs and even what looks to be something related to jellyfish. So I've decided I'm going to build a cassiopeia, upside down jellyfish tank. Im going to build it out of a regular 5.5 gallon aquarium. It will be split into two sections. One will be larger than the other by just a bit. The first chamber on the left will contain sand and the upside down jellyfish them selves. The barrier between the two sections will be mostly screen with acrylic as a base. A wide screen will hopefully help keep the jellies from being sucked in.In the rightmost chamber there will be live sea weeds and sea mosses. This will be a refugium/ filtration section. A low power pump or power head will be hanging on the edge here. this will suck water out of the filter section and deliver it ,at low current, back to the jelly section. Im thinking this idea will work fine, I might want a bigger aquarium though. I'm getting five upside down jellies from carolina biological. That means that 5.5 gallons will be too small, however thats the tank that I know I have. My dad might still have a 30 gallon tank from his goldfish days.... And of course with a bigger aquarium I could possibly add lagoon jellies if i can obtain some.
So updates on my ephyra... Right now I have 6-7 ephyra. I also have two polyps on culture. my stock of 25 ephyra was wiped out in the tank by fouling organisms. I have one ephyra in the

tank but I'm leaving him there since it could inoculate my culture of ephyra with fouling organisms. I may only have 6 or 7 ephyra now but these ones are more healthy than the others and they are bigger too.
hopefully they will grow to be healthy and can be put in my tank after I nuke it with bleach.

<---Right here I have my beach findings in a 1.5 gallon tank.

<--- That red/ pink thing in the center of the image looks a little bit like a polyp. Not sure though. Could be string from nets and fish lines.


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