Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Three ephyrae

I found a third Ephyrae in my main tank today. It seems the polyps are having no problem producing ephyrae and Im very pleased with the quality of ephyrae they are producing. They are rugged and tough which is a very good quality in jellyfish.I think I will lower the heat at four or five ephyrae. Then I will grow out my ephyrae and put them in the tank. I also found a few polyps which I may transfer when the time comes. I realize that if I obtain five ephyrae that there is bound to be one of the opposite sex needed for reproduction, but its nice to have some polyps in the tank to replace hydroids and to produce ephyrae just in case something happens. Plus I cant see why I should kill them for their excellent work :).
Anyways, once this situation stabilizes I will likely build an upside down jellyfish tank. This should be pretty easy. Im thinking a regular rectangular aquarium with the same substrate as in the moon tank (rough gravel then a glaze of glass marbles). And for filtration I think I will use a weak gravel filter. That should be all that is needed for these jellyfish. although Chad Widmer does have a stunning tank design for upside down jellyfish and lagoon jellies. I might consider that as well. Thats far in the f
uture though. I want to get good at raising moon jellyfish first.

I also have some pictures of two of my ephyrae.

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  1. What happened with your jellies? Were you successful? They have an ethereal quality unmatched by other creatures.