Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So my three ephyrae are doing quite fine. They are growing little by little and will hopefully make it through this. They are still living in a rectangular tuppaware container. They get daily water changes, and are fed baby brine shrimp.
I was having a problem feeding them before but I found a nifty solution. at first i noticed that even though the were around 100 brine shrimp in their tuppaware container they still didn't get any food. the brine shrimp would dodge them and stay away. Well I put my ephyrae in a petri dish, while changing their water today and they managed to capture most of the brine shrimp in the dish. The solution is just getting them closer to their food. Im also thinking about picking up some frozen rotifers or maybe live ones. These ephyrae seem to filter the water out to obtain food as well, considering the fact that they are slowly growing. Anyways theres my update on these little ephyrae. And by the way, compared to having a specific tank system for ephyrae, I think that the tuppaware system works best. This is simply best for home growers or someone who is growing small amounts of ephyrae. The tank system is good for a mass producer of jellies.

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