Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Updates...News, new set ups etc

So I've got a lot to discuss here as today has been a vey interesting day in jelly land.

I now have six ephyra. five are very healthy and one is a little mis-formed but seems like he will recover. Right now I'm keeping my ephyra in a petri dish, and I'm pretty sure it will stay that way until they get put in the main tank. Two of them are getting pretty big, compared to the rest. This is because they have been alive longer.
So today while searching for Ephyra I noticed a polyp drifting around in the tank. I got it on a slide and looked at it under my microscope. It turns out it was a strobila. None of the ephyra were very developed on it but it was still obvious. So I put it in a petri dish with tank water right next to the ephyra dish. i'm not really sure why it detached. It may have been the jerk flow I was using to get stray ephyra out of the substrate with. the detachment was very clean, so if its alive it should have no problem reattaching. I will be very happy if it lives, b/c that means I will have polyps in culture. that could bring me one step closer to my goal of restoring my tank.
So I figured I would take photos of my set up just to g
ive everyone a clear image of what I've got running right now. I will also include a video of that strobila.
My two petri dishes.
My whole culture set up.
My main tank. JellyfishArt's Desktop jellyfish aquarium.


  1. You have the same tank as me. In the picture you show of the tank the water level is very low. Is there a reason for this?

    1. I think the camera angle caused the water level to seem very low. I don't remember purposefully lowering the level.