Friday, June 24, 2011

The worst accident in jellyfish history.

So I fell asleep the other night thinking about my jellyfish. I must have gotten too deep into thought, because i woke up to my jellyfish tank toppling over. Im not exactly sure what happened, but I think I kicked my tank over in my sleep. All I remember is gathering my senses and flicking the emergency off switch on my power strip. The whole room had to be emptied and the carpet had to be striped.
     However, my ephyra and polyps were safe. most of the polyps in the tank got rubbed into my carpet, however. But I did rescue two which leaves me with several ephyra and six polyps.
     I've already set my tank up elsewhere. Its ready to go and has my snail, as well a polyp in it. The polyp is on a dish and I'm waiting for him to bud off a few copies. It will be interesting for the tank to start out with just polyps. Usually an ecosystem of worms or other small organisms is set up when I introduce moon jellyfish and live rock bought from jellyfish art. The polyps were developed much afterwards. But now the polyps will start out and the ephyra will be introduced later when they get to a larger size.
     Speaking of ephyra, I've got three or four ephyra that are getting pretty big. Still not big enough for the tank but they are about 3 times bigger than they were when they pulsed off their strobila. I'm pretty happy that I've raised them up to this point and I cant wait for them to develop into juvenile medusa. In this stage the are fully round and look much less like a pinwheel. They also have longer, more obvious oral arms, as well as stinging tentacles around their bells.


  1. That's great that your ephyra are growing!!!! Mine never grew. Where do you get your brine shrimp?

    Sorry about your tank mess. It's always a nighmare to even think about an aquarium toppling, much less a salt water aquarium. It's good that you were able to deal with it though.

  2. You should post a video of your ephyra!

  3. hey there sad news about your tank but great news on being able to save it. I have managed to get my tank running well and have now my second set of Juvenile Sea Nettles running round my tank. I have managed to get them all the way through from old adults that i had in the tank previously. They are currently about 4mm across starting to have 10 mm Tenticles.
    I lost the first set though so i know how the frustration can be. My tank got to cold and they just went to the bottom and went round and round and turned into food again.Im not sure how many people have done sea nettles but they are native here so i thought to start with them but cant seem to find much so i have had to just wing it and it seems to have worked.
    I built this tank from scratch and was really just a little project to do and see what happens. But i must say i have sort of got consummed by it as its not really main stream and when some one sees the tank they say wow jelly fish.
    Also great job on making this page info is fantastic and best of luck with your babies. Once i get my fellas a little larger i shall post again and add some pics. I dont have a profile online so i guess i shall have to get one so i can keep in touch. Regards Dubai Jelly tank