Monday, July 11, 2011

Alright so I'm staying here as well.

This will be my personal blog about culturing and raising jellyfish. I still encourage you to check out my cooperative blog ( That blog is a plethora of information on raising culturing and keeping jellyfish. However its not only my blog. There is another editor who also writes about his jellyfish experience.

So I will update this blog as well to account on my personal experiences of raising and culturing jellyfish.

So, updates!

  1. I bought a new moon jellyfish from jellyfish Its about 4 inches in diameter. Its very healthy and good looking.  
  2. I've got 15 ephyra and they are doing very well! I've learned some new culture techniques and protocols from reading a few articles by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. Heres a link to one , (Collection and Culture Techniques for Gelatinous Zooplankton). 
My new methods for raising these ephyra is cleaner and helps keep pollutants down. The ephyra live in a large tall glass cup or beaker. Instead of dumping live brine shrimp into that container the ephyra get transferred to a petri dish and allowed to feed upon brine shrimp. After an hour elapses, the ephyra are moved back into the clean container of saltwater. Daily water changes are made as well. 

A picture of my new moon jellyfish. 


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