Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My ephyra are actually growing!

So I've finally gotten my ephyra to start growing with less casualties. I've been keeping a good stock of 10 - 15. A few have died a long the way but some are starting to get bigger. Up until today I was keeping them in a tall clear glass. However I moved them to an interesting tank I bought from Petsmart.

The tank is a beta fish tank but it looks like a mini stretch kreisel aquarium. I thought it was pretty unique and went ahead and bought it. I also bought some frozen brine shrimp to try on my large jellyfish as well as two plastic species containers for building an ephyra grow system.
Here is what my tank looks like but mines in black. 

So anyways I'm keeping my ephyra in that little tank with no flow. I thought about adding a spray bar and jelly-pimping the tank out, but I decided no flow would be fine. The ephyra really seem to like it. it gives them plenty of flat bottom space for resting as well as a good volume of water to pulse around in. 

While my ephyra grow out in that tank I'm also building a jellyfish breeding system. Its nothing major, but it should allow for consistent jellyfish growth and results. Raising jellyfish in culture dishes and small tanks seems to lead to mis-formed and slow growing ephyra. This is because they must be handled often to change the water and they don't east as often either. 

My system consists of a polyp tank, an ephyra tank, and a reservoir. The polyp tank will hold jellyfish polyps. When the polyps release ephyra, the new jellies will get gently sucked through a small pipe into the ephyra tumble tank. This is a smaller tank with a parabolic screen at one end. The water coming from the polyp tank circulates the ephyra and keeps them suspended, along with the help of an air stone. Water passes through the screen into a pipe and down into the reservoir. The water then gets pumped back into the polyp chamber. 

This kind of system is great because it is cheap, generally effective, great for almost all species, and easy to maintain. You can also add more polyp or ephyra tanks if you choose to do so. 

So theres my update for now. Happy jelly keeping ;)
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