Monday, August 22, 2011

Some success with ephyra

So after a long time of growing polyps, and failing to grow ephyra I learned a few nifty tricks. Polyps grow much better in an aquarium or tank of reasonable volume.
A few months ago I took a strobila that was floating in my display tank and put in a petri dish. Then I nocked my tank over and managed to save two more polyps. They all lived in petri dishes with limited success. The polyps were small and therefore the ephyra they produced were small and not healthy. The ephyra were almost premature if you will.
I finally decided to dump all my polyps into a 1.5 gallon aquarium since I was going on vacation. This way I could feed them enough to make it through the trip, but without fouling up the water. I came back and was blown away. They polyps were reproducing at extremely surprising rates, and they were a lot bigger. Every one of them was round and happy.
And just yesterday I received 32 ephyra from my polyp culture. Some were still small, I assume the strobila never had the chance to cash in on the food and space since they were busy with bearing ephyra. But others ephyra were much larger. They were larger, healthier and better looking overall. And as a plus they already have small tentacle stubs growing which means they can be fed brine shrimp immediately! I used to have to soak the ephyra in raw nutrients to help them grow when they could not eat.
The tank the polyps are living in is just a small 1.5 gallon glass aquarium. I need to finish my breeding system soon so I can move the polyps into a filtered tank. They are just sitting in the tank with an air tube as their only means of filtration. I also want to get polyps in the new system fast , so that they don't start multiplying on the walls of the glass tank. Then I would have to scrape them off and move them to dishes.
I should have some pictures up of the ephyra and maybe the polyps soon. :)


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