Monday, August 29, 2011

Tons of ephyra!

So over the past few week I've  had  huge strobilation. I'm up to about 50 ephyra. The polyps literally stopped strobilating for a day then got back at it. I could be expecting more, say 100 total in a few days. The ephyra are all growing in a large flat bottom dish, similar to a culture dish.

Now the difference here is the fact that these ephyra are big, eating food and growing even larger! Many of these may actually make it to adulthood if I can keep everything stable. So I'm going to keep my hopes up and see what happens!

On a note about the polyps. I did a super thorough cleaning of the polyps dishes. I was always very picky about cleaning the polyps. I've heard some scary stories about fungus, algae bacteria attacks etc. but I could never clean the stuff up right next to the polyps. So it kinda piled up and eventually the polyps grew over top of the debris. And after the heavy cleaning I noticed I had nocked a bunch of polyps off the dish. So I started a third dish of polyps. I really need to start growing polyps on dishes turned sideways or upside down so they don't have to sit in their own debris.

Hopefully I can just hurry up the breeding system. Even if I don't finish the ephyra tank for a few week the polyps really need a large volume tank with filtration! They have been sitting lonely in a 1.5 gallon glass tank. Thats not really healthy for them and its burning a hole in my wallet to change that much water all the time.

You should be seeing great material from me in the near future!


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