Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Live Moon Jellyfish Polyps for sale

So in an effort to raise money for my research I am going to begin selling warm water moon jellyfish polyps. I need funding to be able to grow out ephyra, and this should help.

I will be posting an ebay page next week with 10 loose polyps for $100 plus shipping. At the moment I will ship to the continental US only.

I only have one package available. This includes 10 loose polyps, and a  pipet for transferring polyps. If you know that you want some polyps email me at First come first serve. If no one buys directly from me then I will continue the plan and sell via ebay.

Feel free to contact me for more information or to buy. Thanks, this should really boost my funding, so I can possibly start selling adult jellyfish!


  1. i'll buy one

  2. Yes, I do. Would you like some?

  3. I want a baby jellyfish,

  4. Hey Travis!
    I'm curious how I am going to get my jellyfish to produce polyps. I read your blog article, but do you have a step-by-step how to? It doesn't need to be elementary but you are the best resource the internet has to offer, and also the most updated. Please educate me so I can expand my cold water jelly tank!

  5. Hi Travis, do you still have polyps to sell?