Monday, September 26, 2011

Shopping at petco :)

Went shopping at Petco today for  jellyfish supplies. Its actually a pretty good place to find supplies for building jellyfish aquariums or to find various tank chemicals, salt and even food.

Today I went to my local Petco store to buy several things. I needed a new "critter tank" for my ephyra and I wanted to browse the frozen food isle for possible jellyfish food. While browsing for food I picked up a variety pack of frozen food fit for most marine animals and Hikari brand "first bites" food. I'm hoping to find a food that I can feed to all my ephyra of any size. Some ephyra are born at a size where brine shrimp is no problem. Others can even catch a brine shrimp. So theres and obvious problem there and I'm hoping an improved diet will help the ephyra stay alive. I've seen hundreds of ephyra shrink into nothingness and I'm tired of it.

So I'm thinking of two ways to improve diet.

  1. Smaller food for all ephyra grants every ephyra the chance to eat and they can all digest food better and take more nutrients from food. 
  2. Various foods like planktons and frozen fish blended finely. 
Im going with both, but for right now I'm staying with frozen food and live brine shrimp. However I will order live planktons and copepods if need be. Right now the ephyra are eating brine shrimp and a little bit of the frozen food i bought today. The frozen food was a variety pack and included, mysis shrimp, squid, brine shrimp and omnivorous food. There were four different kinds of food in the pack based on those four ingredients but they all seemed to contain the three in different quantities. Squid was the only exception, which was by itself as a frozen food. I fed them the food that was mainly brine shrimp to start off with. It seemed blended enough to the point where the jellyfish could gain nutrients just from soaking in the food.

I also really wanted some frozen rotifers to try but this Petco didn't carry them. They seem to be the appropriate second hand food with brine shrimp being first. But maybe this frozen food will work just as well. :)

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