Sunday, December 4, 2011

Building a Kreisel Aquarium for Comb Jellyfish

Well I'm almost done building my pseudokreisel tank for keeping comb jellyfish in. Im rather excited about it, as its looking really good. Right now, I just need a screen, a spray bar, pump and valve to finish everything up.

~The design~
I modeled the design after Jim Stime's Polyp and Ephyra system, but without the polyp chamber. As you can see in the picture, there is a Large chamber on the right. this is where the Comb jellyfish will be housed. The area marked in red is where the screen will go. I'm thinking the screen is going to be 1000 microns. The water will flow through the screen Into the one inch chamber. This is just to keep some water volume behind the screen. The water will flow through some holes and into the bio balls chamber. this will act as filtration. Water will seep under the bio-balls into the pump chamber. The pump will send water back to the large chamber via the stir bar. 

~Comb jellies~
If I haven't mentioned this before, I'm buying my comb jellies from Gulf Specimens Marine Lab. They sell all sorts of aquatic organisms from the Gulf of Mexico. These comb jellies are Mnemiopsis macrydi (sea walnut)I'm thinking I may get two comb jellies. They aren't very big according to the website. Comb jellies are also Hermaphroditic, so they should fertilize their own eggs. These eggs may develop and eventually become comb jellies. Unlike Schyphozoan Jellyfish, Ctenophores don't have a polyp or ephyra stage. They simply grow straight from the egg.

I'm not going to buy any new jellyfish until after christmas. I need to make sure that Gulf Specimens has Comb jellies and Cannonball jellies in stock. Both jellyfish will be readily available in the spring and summer. But I will call and see what the stock is looking like in late December.


I will be making a post on how i built my aquarium soon. I just want to purchase all the parts so I have a good parts list. I've never been able to find good instructions for converting common aquariums into jellyfish aquariums so I hope that will be lots of help.

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  1. Make sure Gulf Coast Specimens will sale to you. They only sale to Research and Educational Facilities from what I understand. Being a student, I also was going to order a few Ctenophores, but they didn't collect any last year when I was interested. You're tank looks great though!