Sunday, December 25, 2011

Success with breeding....Finally

I have finally had some success with the breeding of my moon jellyfish. I have four ephyra that are getting pretty big. They have all exceeded the largest ephyra I have grown up to this point. I'm extremely happy to see them grow. I think they are at a stable point too. They just need brine shrimp every day and they should grow up with little chance of dying unless something goes terribly wrong.

I finished my pseudo kreisel tank and I'm using it to grow these four ephyra. So far its a total success. The spray works excellently and so does the whole tank. The screen is 1000 microns, meaning that it may be just a little too big for new born ephyra. But anything bigger than that seems to do fine in the tank. So I'm thinking I will raise ephyra in dishes and jars on a magnetic stirrer. Then when the get big enough I can move them to the kreisel. I do realize I built this tank for comb jellies but I don't have comb jellies right now so I'm putting the tank to good use. :D

I have delayed this, but my next post should be on how to build a pseudo kreisel.


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