Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Inverted Jellyfish Part II

So I've delved into a little more research on inverted jellyfish.

Now obviously its best to try and not allow your jellyfish to invert in the first place, but its often out of the keeper's control. In my last post I gave a few methods for forcing the jellyfish to revert. This may work, but you could potentially damage your jellyfish and it may just invert again.

But I did find a much safer way for getting the jellyfish to revert back to normal. Check your salinity in the tank. I've had multiple people tell me that a higher salinity gets the jellyfish to revert, and stay that way. So I tested it for myself. My jellyfish reverted back and stayed that way and has been fine for around a week now. Its eating and continuing to grow, unlike most inverted jellyfish which usually die.

So, if any of your are on the edge of loosing your jellyfish due to inversion, then you may wish to give this a try.

That being said, I would love to hear about any other "cures" or methods to heal jellyfish over all.

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  1. Possible cure for some inverted Jellies and other illnesses!
    Sounds stupid, but we discovered that the air pump draws in air through a small opening. It is critical that the pump is placed where the air is clean and fresh. We had it sitting on an old table runner that smelled of stale cigarettes. Once we removed the air pump from this surface, and actually released some oxygen into the air intake from a tank left over for medical purposes, the Jellyfish recovered!
    Following your instructions about how to gently lift the Jelly up to fix the inversion, the Jelly was fine. Keep in mind this Jelly had been completely inverted for five days, spent hours on the bottom of the aquarium until we manually lifted it off the bottom. We were sure it would die. Once another, larger Jelly started to invert we thought of the air pump and finally smelled the cloth the pump had been on. The air pump was also in an enclosed cabinet so the air was just not good being pumped into the tank. We were shocked at how quickly the tiny, sick Jelly and the larger one recovered, about 48 hours!
    So if your salinity is good, food good, check that air being pumped into the tank. Shocking to discover how toxic old cigarette smoke turned out to be!

    1. Thats actually pretty amazing! I never thought about oxygen affecting the jellyfish but that does make sense now. Thanks for sharing. :)