Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back From the Beach

Im back from the beach finally. :) I've brought with me a few surprises for everyone.  I caught four Cannonball jellies. They were very populous on the beach. Hundreds were lying dead upon the beach. But I did manage to find several live ones. The first day (saturday) I snagged 4 jellies out of the tide. Most died that night however. The beach was very rough, and ended up being too much for them. But the next day I went to find more, and found two very healthy jellies and one not so healthy jellyfish. I saved all three from the tides anyways. That left me with four again (one from saturday). I took them all home with me. Sadly the two less healthy jellies died shortly after. But my two other jellies are doing fantastic. They are also huge! Right now they reside in plastic bins, while I assemble a very large aquarium for them. Im going to convert a 200 gallon filter tank into an aquarium for them. I think that will be plenty of room. :)

I've also learned a lot this trip. I found out my two jellies are from brackish waters, which I found strange. I found the two jellies swimming actively in a clear and shallow beach spot. I assume the water was brackish due to water flooding in from the marshes at low tide. Its interesting that these brackish jellies have done so well too. Hopefully they will continue to do well. I really want to keep some alive, so that my work will not be in vain. I also want to see some cannonball jellyfish polyps. Its no good to have jellies if you don't have polyps.

This was just a small update, but I plan on posting more updates soon. :)


  1. Fantastic, I want to go jellyfish hunting! I currently have moons from the pet shop

    1. Wow, your lucky they sell moon jellyfish at your pet shop!

  2. My daughter just went camping in Galveston, TX with her girl scout troop and brought home a very small jellyfish. We went by a pet store today to ask about the water and they told it was brackish. But couldn't tell us much more. How do we find out how to mix the water and salt and everything? Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Gina