Monday, February 6, 2012

Building a New Jellyfish Aquarium and Comb Jellies.

Several posts ago I stated that I would be keeping comb jellies in the 10 gallon pseduo-kreisel aquarium. I ended up putting young moon jellies in the tank, however. I finally got the hang of growing moon jellyfish ephyra and I suddenly needed a tank to put them in, but they were still too small for my 9 gallon display tank. I decided I would simply put them in my new tank and grow them out. Well I did just that and here I am. Some of my moon jellies are getting pretty big (1 inch plus range) and I still want more moon jellies on hand.

I've decided I'm now going to build a second pseudo-kreisel tank. This tank will be made from a 20 gallon glass aquarium. The design will be mostly the same, I just had to change some dimensions and get thicker acrylic. I'm already at work on it and it should be done in a few weekends time.

Once the tank is done I will start raising my moon jellies in there. Hopefully I can then get some comb jellies for the 10 gallon tank.
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  1. Just some advice! When you get your ctenophores, you don't need to have the water circulating (if thats all that is in the tank). These animals typically sit either at the bottom or surface of the water in the ocean on calm days, and won't get stuck and die like their medusan counterparts.

    Also in nature they can consume up to 1000% of their biomass per day if provided, but can survive on much less. Brine shrimp (Artemia sp.) works great as food and are easy to culture every few days. And if you have access to copepods those are even better!

    I'm an undergraduate at Auburn University doing some part time research on comb jellies, if you want I could probably send you some interesting videos or pictures. If you want let me know at