Friday, March 16, 2012

My aquariums and setups.

I feel that I haven't covered my entire setup lately. I've just been mentioning specific tanks or setups. But all in whole, I have a pretty big system going and I'd like to share it with everyone.

Running systems~

  • 20 gallon moon jellyfish grow out tank
    • Follows my design that I posted here, but with slight modifications to fit the 20 gallon size. 
    • The water in this picture is cloudy because i took the picture right after adding salt. 

  • 2 gallon main polyp tank (moon jellyfish polyps). 
    • I keep 95% of my moon jellyfish polyps. Its a 2 gallon glass tank filled with water. There is a bent mesh screen facing bend side up. This holds the dishes of polyps and allows waste and baby jellies to float down to the bottom. 

  • Reserve polyp dishes (Moon jellies). 
    • These are just spare dishes of polyps. I keep them away from the master polyp tank in case something goes wrong. That way I wont loose my entire stock, and I can use the dishes of polyps to start a new colony. 

  • Ephyra dish system. 
    • The ephyra that have just been released go into dishes. They are too small for a full system so I keep them in special lab-like conditions to ensure they grow well. They are raised in an 8 inch diameter glass bowl. The bowl sits on a magnetic stirrer. The stirrer uses magnetism to stir a little teflon coated bar in the dish. So you have just the bar spinning in the dish to create water movement. 
    • Real ocean water is used (collected from beach then sold to petstore, then sold to me). This water is optimum as it contains the exact amount of micro nutrients and things that jellyfish enjoy. Aquarium salt always leaves calcium deposits in my dishes. These deposits build up and collect everywhere. This essentially turns the bowl into sandpaper for the jellies. The ocean water is also very clean. Water in the bowl is generally changed daily, except for weekends. 

Tanks and systems that are not full or operating at the moment~

  • 200 gallon cannonball jellyfish tank
    • I had some problems with the water and salt I was using. The tank will be dry until I purchase an reverse osmosis unit and 200 gallons worth of salt. 

  • 10 gallon kreisel. [my original design]
    • I accidentally caused the tank to crash and many of my moon jellyfish in the tank died. It was originally meant to house comb jellyfish. Its probably too small to comfortably and safely house moon jellies for extended periods of time. So I'm going to do a few repairs and maybe put some combs into it in the future. 

  • 9 gallon jellyfish art tank.
    • I havent ran this tank since november. I simply haven't ran it because I haven't had jellyfish to put in it. The tank works best for 2-5 inch jellies. I've been dealing with 1.5 inch jellies at most. So I've had no reason to fill it and use it. If I end up with enough big jellyfish, then I may store extras in this tank. Maybe it could act as a display tank to show off the current moons I have. 


  1. I feel that I haven't covered my entire setup lately. I've just been mentioning specific tanks or setups. But all in whole, I have a pretty big system ...

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