Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jellyfish Tank Crash and Mysterious Polyp

So the 20 gallon jellyfish grow out tank nearly crashed this week. I saved the one remaining jelly from inside before the tank went all the way down. The problem was the filtration. I tried anaerobic (bacteria that don't need oxygen) filtration this time to see how it would work. The anaerobic bacteria weren't very effective in this system. The tank got really dirty and grimy fast. Due to the inadequate filter system I had to set an internal box-style filter in. This subsequently boosted the suction on the screen. I overlooked that factor and about 6 new ephyra disappeared overnight. The surviving jellyfish will be cared for in a beaker with an air hose to keep it moving. Right now I'm in the process of upgrading the filter system. I cut the drain holes on the tank into slots to allow better flow. Im also going to silicone a trickle plate in place. A trickle plate is simple a sheet of plastic with holes drilled in it. Water drains onto the plate and drips over the bio media.

My Fantastic work at melting the drain holes into a grate style drain. 

The mysterious polyp finally strobilated. It released 3 baby ephyra. It looks as if a few more could have been born but they were very damaged. I saw one ephyra that was born with 1/8 of its normal body tissue. it was quite strange, and mildly sad. The new three ephyra seem to be very healthy. I've moved them into my 8 inch culture dish on top of the magnetic stirrer. From here I am going to raise them and see what I get. Im hoping for cannonball jellyfish, but there is still the chance of them being moon jellyfish.

Now, the mysterious ephyra are occupying my only 8 inch dish. I've decided Im going to be setting up a new system for moon jellies. I want to eliminate the need to raise the brand new ephyra in a dish. This takes lots of time and I can only raise around 7 ephyra at a time. As I learn more about raising moon jellies I  make plenty of mistakes. I cant afford to only raise 7 at a time. So I'm going to use a tank design from the blog Jellyfish Aquarist ( The tank is simple and cheap. I save the major details for another post, but I will post a "teaser" image.


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