Sunday, May 13, 2012

Plans for This Summer

So summer is nearly here. In the summer I will be much less occupied and can concentrate on my jellies. :) I have several plan for this summer. 

As some of you may have noticed, I have a poll regarding comb jellies on the side of this blog. I was curious to see if anyone would be interested in buying comb jellies. It looks like the answer is yes. So I will be obtaining 12 comb jellies (Mnemiopsis macrydi). If the comb jellies sell really well, then I will get 12 more. Unfortunately, comb jellies do not reproduce through polyps, so I will not be able to keep cultures of them. Their reproduction involved fertilization in water which in turn creates an embryo that develops into an adult. I've never seen, never the less handled a comb jelly before. So bear with me here. :)

Im still working on those moon jellies. I've mastered raising the ephyra up until they get put into a grow out tank. I believe the filtration was a problem. So I'm currently trying to modify my 20 gallon aquarium. The internal filtration didn't seem like enough. I figure if I increase the filtration, then all will be sound. There isn't much room left in the tank itself, so I'm going to build an over flow and let the water flow over a large trickle filter into a sump. The trickle filter will likely be constructed out of one of those plastic office drawers with the sliding tubs. One tub will be filled with a sponge or mesh to catch large debris. The rest of the tubs will contain bio media. I will be sure to show my process of building that. 

The ephyra system I was building earlier is now done, for the most part. The polyp tank and the ephyra tank are complete. I just need to build a sump and trickle filter for it as well. I may end up combing the trickle filter from the 20 gallon above, with this ephyra system. I just need to calculate the amount of gallons this filtration will handle. 

My cassiopeia are doing fine so far. A few polyps have strobilated. As soon as I can get some boxes and shipping materials, I will be able to ship these jellies, and polyps. I should be able to accomplish this next week or the week after. :)

Happy jellyraising!

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