Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update on the 200 gallon tank

I havent said much about the 200 gallon tank in a while. A few events have occurred recently. Last week, the aquarium light fell into the tank. Im not entirely sure as to how this happened. It could have been the wind, or an animal. But either way the light fell in and most of the LEDs were trashed. So the jellies had to go without light. I'm still unsure as to whether or not they harbor zooxnthellae. I also don't know whether or not some copper leaked into the tank from the light. After a few days the smallest cannonball jelly disapeared. Only a small strip of "jelly" was left over. Strangely enough this tiny strip (2x1") still twitched. The next day I noticed the larger jelly seemed to be stuck to the bottom of the tank. When I scooped it up, part of its bell stuck to the sand. The best comparison to this would be stepping on chewing gum. It appeared as though part of the bell became quite sticky and slime like. I believe the jellyfish began to die and bacteria in the substrate helped that along. Both ended up dying around the same time. This would suggest that either the water had a crash in pH or perhaps there was copper present in the water. To remedy both of these potential problems I added oyster shells (pH) and Amquel (neutralizes heavy metals). Hopefully this will solve my problems. As a test, I added two spider crabs and a hermit crab to the tank. There are also around 50 tiny snails still rummaging in the tank. 

Im fairly happy with this try with cannonball jellies. I've kept them for around 3 months now. This is a major feat compared to the 1 week life span I had last time. Assuming the tank is safe, I will gather some more cannonball jellies. Hopefully this time I will get a male and female. 

Interesting fact: Cannonball jellyfish are gathered and served in various dishes! 

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