Monday, June 25, 2012

Jellyfish Trip: Comb Jellyfish Caught!

To collect more jellyfish, I ended up heading down to my favorite jellyfishing spot, in South Carolina. I was generally expecting to be greeted with many cannonball jellyfish as usual. This time however, I found no such cannonball jellyfish. Normally there is at least a few that have washed up onto the beach. None were to be found. Winter is apparently their better season (the other two times I found them was in winter).

As I was walking around in the tide pools, I noticed a glimmer in the water. I recognized the shine, even though i had never seen it before. It was a comb jellyfish. Pushed against the shore and slightly flattened, it still appeared to be alive. I gently scooped it up into my bag. Professionally, I should have used a cup or scoop to carry it, due to their delicate flesh. I had no such cup, so I made do. Later I identified all of the combs as Mnemiopsis sp. On my was back down the beach I found a second comb jelly stuck against the shore. I caught it and set my bag down to look for more. Five minutes later the bag disappeared. The tide was changing and the pool there filled up just enough to carry my bag away. It was located down shore, but empty. I frantically looked for more combs, and luckily found two more. One was in very good shape, and the other, not so much.

The next day I came back at around 6:30 am. The tide was low again. No jellies were washed up on the pool shore. As I walked down the shore I noticed a strange shadow in the water. After I could see it well, I grabbed at it. The shadow turned out to be another comb jellyfish. I caught three this way. In the afternoon I returned yet again, but this time I was greeted with tons of comb jellies. The water was absolutely still, and many of the combs were caught up at the shore because of this. Some were entirely beached on the sand. All the combs I encountered were still alive. After I got home, I counted a total of 21 comb jellyfish. Some were in very good shape and some were torn in a few places. Luckily comb jellyfish have super fast healing abilities. I will likely put them in my 20 gallon kreisel.

Video and editing credit to Brady Brandwood.


  1. (me again)Wow. they sparkle. I always thought they came from 20,000 leagues under the ocean. I've been doing some more research (google) and saw your website and I think it's really good and could use two things, A. little pamphlets that tell you how to take care of the jellyfish they just purchased B. new tank designs(neither kreisel or JA but something new and spectacular that only comes from thinkjellyfish) and B. the lttle "tank buddies" that JA (jellyfishart) does. which brings me to what I wanted to ask you something. There is a type of sea slug that is easy to keep (it can be fed romane lettuce),a very graceful swimmer( yes it swims not slides)and, a vegetation meat-grinder that will ahniallate all algae in its path. I just wanted to ask, would they get along with jellyfish, I need you to find out. Thanks if you do

    1. Hi!
      Glad to hear you like the comb jellies as well as our website! We have been working on it hard lately. About the pamphlets, with all our aquariums we include info on how to care for your jellies as well as instructions on how to setup the aquarium.

      We are working on designing comb jellyfish and moon jellyfish aquariums. We already made some upside down jellyfish aquariums we are going to be releasing in the next few weeks that we are exited about.
      About the tank buddies, I'll pass that by Travis. He knows more about that type of stuff :)
      Hope I helped!

  2. Oh, and make sure it's the flying sea hare that you get.

    1. They are good algae eaters, but isn't it quite possible that they can starve with out a constant supply of algae? Romaine lettuce is quite easy to obtain, but I've heard they eat a lot. Im also aware that their cousin the blue sea slug can take down a Portuguese man of war.

    2. You're right, but I think this is something that should tested,
      sea hares are big eaters but they're herbivores and I think they should be able to be kept with with cannonball jellyfish or blue blubbers. And if they can't be kept with jellyfish you could still sell them too even though they're not jellyfish, it worked for walmart.

  3. Wow, they are gorgeous!!! :D 21! Nice...