Monday, June 4, 2012

Website for Selling Jellyfish and Tanks.

I have managed to partner up and create a website for selling live jellyfish and jellyfish tanks. My business partner is Zane Smith ( Zane is responsible for providing the jellyfish aquariums. My job is to provide the jellyfish to go in said tanks. Im really looking forward to this new business. So far we have a partially completed website ( Nothing is for sale quite yet, as we are still working on stock. The website is also still being worked on. You can however, look at our stock so far. Hopefully within a month we will have both tanks, and Upside Down Jellies! 


  1. My sister and I are big fans and are very impressed by your work. What have you found out from your research yet? Also, it would be nice if you posted a video tour of your entire jellyfish operation. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi! Thanks! I have published much of my findings here and there throughout the blog. :) I've recorded a video of my setup. I shall upload soon.