Thursday, July 12, 2012

Automatic Breeding System in Operation!

I finally filled up my moon jellyfish breeding system. Its about 12 gallons total when running. So far I'm quite happy with it. All the ephyra made their way from the polyp tank into the ephyra tank. Some of the ephyra were born healthy and other, not so much. I've noticed that ephyra of a healthy size do fine in the tank. Ephyra that were born tiny and unhealthy get stuck at the air-water interface on the screen. I think they unhealthy ones simply cannot swim and then water's property of adhesion pulls them up against the surface on the screen. I can fix this by taking a long rigid piece of air tubing and positioning it right in front of the screen. After about an hour of the system running, I decided to add one 1/4 inch moon jellyfish that i had raised in a dish up to this point. It showed no issues, and has been doing fine. I'm hoping it will grow quickly in this much larger space! So I must thank a few people for helping with this. The system design isnt readily available to the public. Wyatt Patry provided the ephyra tank design on his jellyfish blog here - Sunset Marine labs also has a nice video on the Moon Jellyfish life cycle. Several of their tanks are shown in the video, and they helped to form my total system.

So anyway, if this system works well, then I will have moon jellyfish galore! I can then begin to sell them on ThinkJellyfish.

Here is a video on the system. I will likely make another if they jellies start growing.


  1. Very Cool, but what about the the video tour?
    (Sorry, I don't have a ready topic this time)

  2. I was working on it, but I'm continuously moving stuff around As soon as stuff calms down I will make a video on it. :)