Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jellyfish and Polyp Trading or Buying and Selling!

I am always interested in expanding my collection of jellyfish. One of the best ways of doing that is to gain polyps! They are like hundreds of jellyfish condensed down into a single polyp. I've noticed that people all over the world are now keeping jellyfish. Some are keeping very interesting species!

I am willing to trade polyps and even jellyfish for your polyps or jellyfish. I would really prefer to receive polyps (even more specifically warm water). I will take any offer into consideration! Just email me or comment. :)

I currently have,

  • Moon jellyfish polyps (Warm water Aurelia aurita)
  • Blue Upside Down jellyfish polyps (having the species identified now)

In the future I may have,

  • Cannonball jellyfish polyps 
  • Lagoon jellyfish polyps. 

I also have some comb jellies, I can trade those too, although they wont be here much longer!

Personally I am particularly interested in polyps of,

  • Pelagia noctiluca (Mauve stinger)
  • Mastigias Sp.(Lagoon jelly and Jellyfish lake jellyfish)
  • Stomolophus melagris (Cannonball jellyfish)
  • Chrysaora quinquecirrha (Atlantic sea nettle)
  • Catostylus mosaicus (Blue Blubber jellyfish)
  • Of course any others will be considered as well!

I will also consider trades of polyps of box jellies. I don't want to trade any polyps if they become lethal box jellies, however.


  1. I don't think you can get Pelagia sp. polyp cuz they are polyp-free.

  2. Thats interesting. What stages do they got through? Straight from an embryo to an ephyra stage?

  3. yep,directly from planula to ephyra

  4. and the salinity should be a little bit higher,at about 36ppt-37ppt

    1. Interesting life cycle. What do you mean by the salinity? Generally 32 to 35 ppt is preferred.

  5. They are Mediterranean,so the salinity should be a little bit higher

  6. Where can I buy moon jellyfish polyps as a beginner

  7. Where can I buy moon jellyfish polyps as a beginner

  8. I'm also inyerest in buying moon jellyfish polyps, any ideas how I could do that ?