Friday, July 6, 2012

New Page; Jellyfish Index

I added a new page to the blog recently. The page includes a giant list of all of the Jellyfish, Ctenophores, Hydromedusa, Cubomedusae etc. that I can find. I'm attempting to provide one of the first resources that will include jellyfish species and pictures. I will be adding to it and updating it regularly, but feel free to suggest species! I have also used many images that are not my own. If you find that I have used one of your images, and you want to have it removed, please contact me and I will do so. If you simply want me to provide credit for the photo, I will also gladly do so. Please provide the name for the photo credit. :)

So far, I'm quite amazed at all the varieties of jellyfish-like gelatinous zooplankton. Seeing them all condensed into one page is impressive. At the moment i have a ton of jellyfish already listed but I'm at the tip of an iceberg. There are so many to add! The hydrozoan medusa section will especially lengthy.


  1. It's brilliant, perfect all it needs now is a (painstaking) breif description of each species, and a maker next to each species you have in stock. I know its bit much. Just a thought.

    Now about the flying slugs, my grandfather said he once saw one in hawaii on migration. perhaps if you live nearby you might be able to catch one. I've looked all over the internet but it doesn't seem anyone sells them. Very little is known about them and there is much research to be done, plus wouldn't it be cool to sell flying slugs (emphasis on flying slug).

    Thirdly, you know how Kreisel was removing chlorestaral from animal dung and (somehow) this gave him a eureka moment that revolutionized jellyfish keeping. Currently, sea slugs such as the spanish dancer, are unkeepable in captivity without being in scientific labs (sounds familiar?) I propose we revolutionize slug-keeping (I know how that sounds) or rather you vs. me as in... a race.
    whoever builds/designs a tank that can keep slugs, wins, and gets a free cake.
    You better hurry, I've already started.

    1. Hahah I live on the Atlantic Coast so I have no access to such slugs. What would substitute? You seem to be very interested in these flying slugs! :)

    2. If I were you, I'd look up slug experts or stores and call or email them to get some advice. I wish I could help you, but I know not much about slugs :(