Saturday, July 21, 2012

Surprise Cannonball Jellyfish!

I got word that the company Gulf Specimen Marine Lab had some cannonball jellyfish in stock. I called them up to inquire about getting cannonball jellyfish that were 2-3 inches in size. They told me that they had in fact seem some around the size out in the gulf, where they operate. I left them my number so they could call me when they collected the cannonballs. About a week later I got a call that they had some again. I ordered them immediately. 5 cannonball jellyfish totaled to 150 in costs and a good bit more in shipping (Still unsure at the moment). They arrived this morning.

I was extremely impressed with my order. All five jellyfish were alive and in good shape. They all came in separate bags. Within each bag was a balloon filled with oxygen gas. Cannonball jellyfish use up a ton of oxygen compared to other jellyfish. They are still susceptible to being torn apart by air bubbles during rough shipment. The balloons were the solution to this. O2 leaks from the balloon into the water throughout the trip. After pulling out each bag from the box I noticed that I had three totally white cannonballs and two brown spotted ones. I have never seen the pale variety in person before. They have a very nice coloration, which allows you to fully see inside them. So far, I see no differences in the two varieties. I have no idea if they are compatible for breeding. I hope so, but the chances seem slim, as I have never seen a mix of the two colors on one jelly. Perhaps the pigmentations are very dominant and will only appear as one or the other. In that case, breeding could be possible. I suppose we will find out!

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