Monday, August 13, 2012

Sea Nettles Update

So far, the Atlantic Sea Nettles are doing well. Only one has died so far. It was sad, but causalities are common amongst beat up wild jellies. A few others are looking semi beat up as well. Im hoping they will all grow and repair back to full healthy soon. These really are some lovely jellies.

Out of curiosity, I decided to set up my 10 gallon cylindrical desktop tank with one Sea Nettle in it. I am hoping for the best, as it would be fantastic if they can make it in such a tank. ThinkJellyfish is now offering the cylindrical desktop tank. Unfortunately, I can only prove that Moon Jellies can live in the tank. So I guess this test will tell us if Sea Nettles will do fine in such a tank.

I made a video of the sea nettles in HD. It really shows how elegant they look. Play in 1080 HD. :)


  1. So sad that he/she died, but remember to keep the body for food. Gross, I know
    . I sent you three of the pictures so check your email. So sorry he's dead :(

    1. Yeah, poor thing. Good idea, at least it wont go to waste.

  2. Hopefully the others will patch themselves up and keep thriving. They look amazing :)