Saturday, September 1, 2012

Demise of the Moon Jellies

I have been breeding and raising moon jellies in my breeding system lately. They were doing quite well in the breeding system. With three dishes of polyps, i easily found myself with 200 moon jellyfish ephyra. I got most of them to grow up to the 1/4 inch size. This is right before they start looking like mini adult Moon jellies.

Thursday night I noticed that the tank was looking a little dirty. Diatoms and brown algaes were beginning to grow on the surfaces of the tank. There was also quite a lot of debris in the tank. I thought that a sponge scrub of the tank would do no harm. After scrubbing the entire ephyra tank (while still in operation) I went to bed. The next morning I found most of my ephyra stuck to the screen. Many were missing as well. It turns out that I stirred up a ton of debris, which then clogged the screen up, and caused tons far to much suction. Scrubbing the screen the night before also caused part of it to come loose. I have a feeling that many ephyra slipped past the screen and into the drain.

I was left with around 40 ephyra, 20 of which were in horrible shape. It's so saddening to see that I lost so many jellies. Among the survivors were two jellies that were raised in my last batch of dish bred ephyra. They mean a lot to me, as they are currently the biggest moons I have ever bred. They are also the only jellies I have named in a long time. The largest is named Think, after my business. The second is named Mono, as he only has one gonad ring, unlike most moon jellies which have four. Seeing the two of them boosted my morale a little.

One little discovery boosted my morale even more. I am left with three Sea Nettles. One appears to be everting at the moment. The sea nettles have also been a discouraging failure. They were a gift to me, and here they are, all dying on me. I could not help feel that all of my work was for nothing, and that I have destroyed such a wonderful gift. On friday afternoon, I noticed that one sea nettle was laying amongst the marbles in my desktop tank. I used my arm to blow water over it, and get it to move around a little more. As I did this, a single polyp came flying out from the substrate. I wasted no time in grabbing the polyp and moving it to safety. It now resides in a small dish. A polyp bud is developing on it as well. This single little polyp holds the potential of all of my work and effort. I really need to do everything possible to protect this polyp. Soon it will be able to divide and produce more polyps. Then I can begin to work on breeding Sea Nettles. Wish me luck!


  1. So sad and quite inspiring, you sound like braveheart or marlin from "finding nemo". I wasn't able to ship the loin's mane, sorry.:(

    1. Yeah, quite sad indeed. Thanks for the kind words. :) Don't worry about it, your pictures were awesome!

  2. Oh man sorry about the bad luck. It's going to be on though you are very knowledgeable and will overcome these setbacks with ease. I am sure of that.